Professionals are the most demanding of their equipment. Used day in, day out, often under grueling conditions, they expect it to perform without fail, and work smoothly with easy operation and maintenance, so they can concentrate on getting their work done. Designed and built with the professional in mind, Suzuki 2-stroke outboards deliver the power and performance you want, when and where you need it. They offer easy operation and maintenance so you can get your work done efficiently. And they come packed with features that make your work easier, deliver smooth operation, quick and easy starts, and with low maintenance needs. For the best in reliable 2-stroke power and performance, look to Suzuki.

Pointless Electronic Ignition (P.E.I.)

Suzuki’s exclusive pointless electronic ignition system provides a powerful spark for every start. Boat operators benefit with improved starting ease, strong and reliable performance, and prolonged spark plug life.

Loop Charge Intake System

Suzuki 2-strokes are designed with domed shaped pistons and cylinder heads which help to move more air and fuel into the cylinder for maximum combustion, and exhaust out of the cylinder for maximum power from every stroke. The result is better fuel economy, more power per cubic centimeter, and greater overall performance.

Special Keystone Rings

Another power enhancing feature, these specially designed rings provide more power to the crankshaft with less energy loss. Other benefits include increased combustion efficiency, durability, reduced fuel consumption, and fewer sticking rings.

Dual Water Intakes

Dual water intakes ensure the engine receives ample water flow for cooling in the event one intake should become blocked. (DT25, DT30, and DT40W)

Water Cooling System

A displacement-type rubber impeller in the cooling system, pumps in sync with engine rpms to provide optimum performance even under demanding conditions.

Through Prop Hub Exhaust

Sending the exhaust out through the prop hub offers several advantages. Besides quiet operation this system efficiently increases combustion and acceleration, reduces power loss, and produces excellent high-speed operation.

Easy Handling and Operation

Suzuki 2-stroke outboards come loaded with features that offer convenience plus easy handling and operation. Tiller handle models come with a steering tension adjustment for simple adjustment of steering control. High output coils offer convenient battery charging, and electric choke systems are standard on all electric start models.

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion Finish

Providing an effective treatment against corrosion, this specially formulated finish is applied directly to the aluminum alloy for maximum bonding between the finish and aluminum.

Shallow Water Drive

The DT9.9, DT15, and DT30 are equipped with a shaft angle adjustment to reduce the possibility of damaging the propeller or motor when motoring in shallow water or near shoals and rocks.

Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing

Suzuki’s 2-stroke outboards are equipped with a stainless steel water pump housing that offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance for longer life and reduced maintenance.

Corrosion Resistance

For additional long-term protection against corrosion, Suzuki 2-stroke outboards are designed with multiple zinc anodes and Dacromate coated bolts, nuts, and washers at critical locations. The DT40W has additional zinc anodes installed in the powerhead and bonding wires to connect all components.